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31 May 2008

This should have been post no. 9 in the mini series "10 exciting things to know about XAF". You can find the announcement of the series here.

Well, it's not. I decided to post this anyway to let those who've been following the series know that the ASP.NET styling post isn't going to happen right now. I looked into the whole styling thing for a while and I found that our story in that regard is much weaker right now than I thought it was. So no excuses -- I'll follow up on this, we're going to improve things and I'll blog about the topic when it makes more sense than it does right now. My apologies for this.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in finding out what we have to say about styling, your best bet is to search our knowledge base and support center, both of which contain some information on applying ASP.NET themes to an XAF web application.

Need Faster Support Replies?

Once you create a new XAF ticket in the DevExpress Support Center and select XAF under the Platform/Product field, please review the following help links displayed above the Submit button. These links describe how you can collect callstacks, logs and other important diagnostic information for any .NET error. Once you collect/compile this information, forward it to us along with your support ticket. This information will ensure faster and more accurate replies from support.

10 exciting things to know about XAF - eXpress App Framework Team

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22 August 2008
Andreas Handgraaf
Andreas Handgraaf

Waiting for the article for 5 years now ...

22 September 2013
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Hey - yeah, that's how it goes... of course our docs have lots of detail on customization these days, so I shouldn't think it's a problem. Here are some starting points:

General ASP.NET application appearance with XAF:


Using custom themes:


Customizing the templates:


Feel free to get back to our support in case you have any specific questions!



30 September 2013

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