TechEd got off to a good start

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03 June 2008

The first half day at TechEd 2008 is over and we've already had really good crowds at the booth. Mark was doing CodeRush and Refactor! demos and he showed a lot of the new and upcoming features, which are really great. We also demonstrated our new WPF and Silverlight controls and I did some XAF presentations. Lots of people are interested in XAF and object/relational mapping in general, which is interesting to see -- apparently Microsoft's efforts with LINQ to SQL start paying off.

As I've blogged before, XAF is nominated as a finalist in the Best of TechEd awards, and one of the judges came around to interview me about the product this morning. I think he got a great impression of the product, so that's good, but of course the category that XAF is nominated for is very broad, so there are going to be other products that don't compete with XAF, but are good in their own right. We'll see how that turns out, but being listed as a finalist for the first TechEd after XAF was released is a nice success already.

So, more exhibition tonight at the attendees party, with food and drinks. If you're at TechEd, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Oh, did I mention how hot it is here? I'm melting away writing this -- the only thing hotter than I am is my computer. Time to stop :-)

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