No rest for the wicked - video announcements for XAF and XPO

... or the non-wicked, depending on your definition of "wicked" :-)

In between exhibition hours here at TechEd, Gary and I managed to get Jeff to record an introduction video with the two of us. We talk a bit about the other videos we're going to create in the next few weeks. Click here to watch it.

We don't have too many details yet, but of course it's about XAF and XPO and all the great things you can do with them. There's always been the problem that while both these products take away a lot of the work you need to do to create a data layer yourself (or even a lot more than just a data layer if we're talking about XAF), they still require certain knowledge and skills from the user. Nothing's for free in this world... (with the exception of our new Silverlight grid control, that is!) So we are going to create a bunch of content to target that problem particularly, to explain our product philosophy and generally help get everybody up to speed on things like designing domain class hierarchies, why ORM rulez and how you can do really crazy things in XAF, like create yet another blogging system. Some of this content is going to be in video format, some in written form -- it's probably going to be two or three weeks, but keep watching this space for it!

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Geoff Davis

Excellent, Looking forward to that... I've in the process of porting an existing Windows application to XAF and I must admit i'm stumbling on some of the 'not so out of the box' concepts.

3 June, 2008
Greg Munn

I'm looking forward to the videos and documentation - the more the better.  The only comment I have with regard to the first one is that whoever is talking to you in the background needs to have a mic as well as he is very hard to hear, otherwise bring 'em on.

Good work.



4 June, 2008
Alex Hoffman

Definitely the battle of the follicle challenged :)

4 June, 2008
Steven Rasmussen

Ditto on the comment regarding the 'behind the scenes' interviewer.  I've noticed this on the other videos that have been created as well.

Other than that.... Great!  I look forward to hearing about the new features in XPO and XAF in 8.2.

4 June, 2008
Dan Arnold

Everything that was suggested, I believe, is true. Dx customers would benefit greatly from some more indepth knowledge and strategies on how to properly model XPO business hierarchies.

I also think it is equally important to fully document the extensibility points in the framework, because ultimately, ease of extensibility will make or break the success of the framework. ( I say this in the context of a vision of widespread use of XAF, rather than hobbiest -- quicky -- one off trivial application development.

Most serious developers want to know they can modify the standard behavior of the app framework rather easily.

I don;t mind a learning curve for such knowledge, but if that learning curve is too steep, I simply can't justify use of any framework that takes longer to build apps with, than using .Net straight up.

Looking forward to seeing DevExpress address the documentation deficiencies and concentrate on the extensibility features as to promote real world use.

Thanks for listening!


4 June, 2008

nice to put a personality to the names.. thanks! brief note for future videos: spellcheck the slogan: the trailing frames show "Compare" as "Comapre" ☺

4 June, 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Thanks for the comments, guys. As I hear, we've fixed the "compare" problem a few hours ago :-)

4 June, 2008

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