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19 June 2008

After coming back home from Orlando, I had two events to attend. The first was the brilliant UK NxtGenUG Fest 08 in Reading. This was a day of .NET topics and I presented on F#. I met a few of our customers there who hadn't made it to TechEd the week before, and I was glad to pass on all the news about awards, Silverlight controls and so on.

The second event I went to was a training event in Germany, where I did a day of C# 3.0 (and a bit of Developer Express as well... <g>). Again, I had a good time - if I met you at either of these events, thank you, it was good to talk to you!

Next week Gary and I are going to be in Glendale at the Developer Express office. As we already announced in the little interview we did at TechEd, we're going to start creating content on technical topics around XAF, and we're going to use the time there to create some video introductions. You'll probably see some of these appear on our site during the week, some others a bit later, so watch out for them!

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