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30 September 2008

Domain Components (DC) is in maintenance mode and we do not recommend its use in new software projects.

This post is one in a series about our work on Domain Components (DC) framework and related component libraries. I’m just describing what we are working on, what problems we are facing and what results we've got so far.

Now, while I’m waiting for the XPO team, who promised me to support new requirements, I've found one more problem. In my BOModel node, I can see the IDeveloper and INote interfaces, but I can't see the IPerson interface. Since our ultimate goal is to provide the ability to create reusable domain components, I want to be able to set up all XAF-related aspects of the IPerson in the Application Model, and then reuse these settings in all places where the IPerson is implemented.

But should I add all interfaces to the Application Model? What if the IDeveloper is inherited from the IDisposable, in addition to other interfaces? Should XAF add the IDisposable to the BOModel node? I guess not. There should be a way to mark the interfaces that are used for building entities later. I decided to add the DomainComponentAttribute that will serve as a mark:

	public interface IPerson {
		string FirstName { get; set; }
		string MiddleName { get; set; }
		string LastName { get; set; }
		string FullName { get; }
		DateTime Birthday { get; set; }
		Gender Gender { get; set; }

Now, after I've refacored the code that analyses types inside XAF, the interfaces that use the DomainComponent attribute are added to the BOModel node:


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