My TechEd US BOF Session is in, thanks to you!

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03 April 2009

A little while ago, I was asking for help with the voting on my TechEd US BOF session, and today I've received the confirmation that it's made it in! Great news, and even better because the title of the session, which had been the reason for certain, shall we say, ridicule, has magically changed now to this:

Parallelization: Benefits of Functional Programming Ideas

It will take place on Tuesday, May 12th, from 1pm to 2:15pm - rooms aren't assigned yet. I hope to see some of you there!

All of those who have helped with their votes (and those who haven't but who manage to claim with a straight face that they have) - if you meet me somewhere, I owe you a beer! Okay, it should be a place where it is technically possible to acquire a beer. And of course you can drink water if that's what you prefer. You know. Thank you very much for your help!

And finally: if you have still not voted for your favorite DevExpress products, please click this link and help us there as well! Thank you! Who knows, maybe it's even worth a second beer :-)

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Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs

Oliver, I want 2 beers - because I voted twice! (No joke)

3 April 2009

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