XAF – Improved ASP.NET UI Performance (coming in v2011 vol 1)

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20 April 2011

While working on the XAF v2011 vol 1 release, we have introduced several performance improvements which we think are worthy of being blogged about. Check them out.

First of all, we have substantially reduced the size of generated pages. Second, the lightweight rendering mode is now enabled by default. Although this mode could be enabled manually in XAF applications since v2010 vol 2.4, quite a number of issues has been discovered since then, which practically prevented this mode from being used in production. I am happy to say that we have fixed these issues in XAF v2011 vol 1. We have also reworked XAF internals to speed up page generation on the web server.

So, how much faster your ASP.NET XAF application is going to be? Take a look at the following tables.


These are the results of comparing the performance of MainDemo v2010 vol 2 against MainDemo v2011 vol 1. The applications were deployed onto the web server on a remote machine with a local SQL server instance. To make the testing a bit more realistic, we have populated the database with several million rows of sample data. No additional set up has been performed, so MainDemo v2010 vol 2 used classic rendering mode and the v2011 vol 1 version of MainDemo used lightweight rendering.

As you can see with XAF v2011 vol 1, network traffic has decreased roughly two times. Moreover, pages were served by the web server 21% faster in client mode and about 36% faster when server mode was enabled.

We think these are pretty notable results.  We also hope your users will enjoy your application much more after these improvements. What do you think? Please let us know!

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