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05 May 2011

Yes folks, it’s that time of the month again! The time where all you good XAF programmers out there can role up to our webinar and ask me and the team any question about XAF that’s on your mind. Details of this month’s webinar can be found here, where you’ll get country specific details as to the timing.

As an extra special treat this evening, our brand new XAF evangelist, Tolis, will be joining us. Tolis has a wealth of real life experience using XAF, and so this is a perfect opportunity to ask him questions about using XAF in the wild, as opposed to specific feature questions. Of course, you are still welcome to ask those too!

Anyway, the team and I are really looking forward to speaking to you this evening, so pop along and register now!

‘til this evening then, happy XAF’ing! Smile

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