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06 May 2011

0Some of you might have already remembered my first announcement in the XAF forum about the XAF group on Facebook. This group was initially created more than a year ago by our customer Dani Mora, whom you may know by his posts in the XAF forum. I remember there were only about 50 members at the time I joined the group about half year ago. Since then, the group has grown and it has now doubled in size (hope to double it again by the end of this year). Usually, I used this group to post the  latest news about our XAF and XPO frameworks, like blogs or interesting posts from DevExpress forums. Other users used it as yet another information source or to ask quick questions about frameworks, share opinions, experiences, etc.

It is all cool because you can easily be in touch with real people  you are doing your every day business and whom have the same interests and goals. Communication with peers - it is human nature after all, and that is one of the reasons Facebook and similar projects are so popular nowadays.

A few months ago, I noticed (via Mehul friend feeds unless I am mistaken) that there is a similar group on LinkedIn – “XAF Developers”. It also existed for a long time and it was recently made public by its creator Geoff Hogan. Obviously, I continued the same activity in this group because I enjoy XAF/XPO and like communicating with customers.

Recently, I setup RSS feeds from our blogs (XAF, XPOmine and Tolis) so that latest news would automatically come to the group’s wall.  I am not going to stop at this stage and will certainly continue to promote and support these groups.

So, if you are working with our frameworks (XAF or XPO) and always want to be up-to-date with them, feel free to join or like the groups below.

Please do not be confused by the “XAF” in the title  - XPO users are also welcome here, because XAF is based on XPO and good news for XPO fans is always good news for XAF fans as wellWinking smile

In addition, do not forget about general DevExpress Facebook and LinkedIn groups, in case you want to be up-to-date with all DevExpress products and not only with our Frameworks. Do not miss third-party consulting and training XAF services listed on our landing page.

In case you are running or being a member of other groups or communities (related to DevExpress products) in other social networks on the Web or in other places, feel free to contact Rachel Hawley, Community Evangelist at DevExpress or email us at directly.

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both networks are dead i guess, people being added to those groups generate 0 activity :) i've got such an impression that more official such club is, more useless it becomes

i use another approach for my communities: add entertainment elements along with flood-stopping rules to your club and it'l serve better for the same needs

"song of the day in devex" for example or whatever else

11 May 2011
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)

>>"song of the day in devex" for example or whatever else

BTW, I remember that we had such a suggestion in the past;-)

13 May 2011
kirsten greed
kirsten greed

Those links seem to be broken. Only the Stack Overflow works for me.

19 October 2018

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