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08 June 2011

As developers we are constantly finding new real world uses for DX products. Take this example from DX-Squad member Martin Praxmarer;

   “I want to distribute the testexecutor to either an outsourced testing team or even to resellers of my application. Resellers (or even big customers with a specific functionality) want/can run their own functional tests to be sure an update doesn't break their environment.”

This is the perfect example of a programmer using XAF to take their development to another level.

Problems could have occurred with the EULA as TestExecutor is included in XAF and ships with DXperience Universal license. However DX has provided an easy solution by removing this restriction from our EULA and offering the tool for free. Now we are permitted to use TestExecutor for a wider range of applications in addition to our development environment and build server.

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Happy EasyTesting!

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nice work Noxe & Dennis for the follow-thru!

8 June 2011

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