Questions, ideas for 30-Aug-2011 - “Ask the XAF and XPO Teams” webinar

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23 August 2011

We would like to make our "Ask Team" webinars more interactive and interesting. In order to do this, we want to try to collect questions and ideas from our users and address them during the webinar, rather than just waiting for questions "at runtime" or demo-ing something we planned ourselves. The next "Ask DevExpress - XAF and XPO" webinar is on 30-Aug-2011 (click here for free registration), and we would like to make the first experiment for it.

What do you think about this idea in general?

If you support it, let's make suggestions for the upcoming webinar, either in comments to this blog, the thread in the XAF forum or even in corresponding groups in social networks. For instance, the next question asked in the forums seems to be a good example:
"Why use Domain Components in AsAlias mode instead of pure persistent objects?", and it can be addressed in the webinar.

Thank you for your feedback in advance!

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