Case Study: Building the Workflow-Based Licensing Application with XAF

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12 March 2012

Check out a case study from Nathaniel Laff (you probably already know him from forums, as he always has nice avatarsWinking smile), where he described how he used the Workflow module (shipped as a part of our eXpressApp Framework (XAF) product) for automating the licensing process (tracking customers, orders, software licenses for both trial and licensed users) in his software line (he also posted some screenshots of his application), built using XAF and DevExpress components.

Here is what Nate said about how the Workflow module helped him:

“The Workflow module was an amazing addition to the XAF line, and with the small amount of time devoted to getting it up and running, in less than one week I was able to get that time back by not having to use my old techniques for e-mail follow ups, saving me time and massive amounts of energy, while hopefully generating more profits.”


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