New Learning Materials on Data Modeling Approaches - UI First, Data Model First, Database First and Code First

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01 August 2012

DevExpress provides a series of videos and help topics that describe the newly available UI First and Data Model First approaches to XAF development, as well as the existing Database First and Code First workflows. The videos and corresponding tutorials are organized according to data modeling method.

UI First



The UI First approach begins with UI prototyping in the Business Object Designer, which ships with XAF starting with v12.1. In this designer, you will specify the properties that are exposed by your business objects, adjust the Detail View layouts, specify List View settings and define associations between objects. This will create ready-to-use Desktop and Web applications without writing a single line of code.

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Data Model First (XPO)



The Data Model First approach begins by defining a data model in the Data Model Designer, which ships with XPO starting with v12.1. In this designer, you can add new objects, specify object relationships, and define persistent and calculated properties. The designer visualizes the entire data model in a single window.

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Data Model First (Entity Framework)



If you have used the Entity Framework in your previous projects, you may wish to reuse your data model definitions in XAF. If you are new to XAF, you may choose to skip the tutorials on XPO (the default ORM tool), and use your Entity Framework experience instead. Starting with 12.1, we provide experimental (community technology preview) support for Entity Framework as an ORM layer.

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Database First



Programmers are often required to maintain a legacy database rather than build an application from scratch. The XPO Data Model Designer can automatically generate a data model for a specified database. Many popular database engines are supported, including MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle (see more). The created data model is visualized by the designer and can be customized.

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Code First



The Code First approach begins by implementing business classes that define your data model (it is a good idea to use CodeRush Templates, which speed-up coding significantly). This standard approach has been used in XAF from early on. Although this information is included in our documentation and demos, we decided to introduce a new simple tutorial, targeted for those who wish to quickly get acquainted with XAF.

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Let me know what you think of our videos and tutorials.

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