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07 March 2013

XAF community is really active, there are many places where you can participate in XAF related conversations, ask for dedicated help from other devs etc. Depending on your choice, to follow anything new comes along you can subscribe to your favorite RSS or site for the following list.

XAF official RSS Posts from our blog.
XAF Facebook page Official XAF Facebook page (includes blog posts).
XAF Facebook group Join other XAF users there and discuss anything XAF related with them.
XAF LinkedIn group A XAF dedicated group.
XAF twitter Tweets new posts. releases etc. (Follow us to get notified).
Other XAF bloggers RSS A list of several personal XAF related posts. (Apostolis Bekiaris, Dennis Garavsky, Manuel Grundner, Mike Calvert, Nathanial Wools, Robert Anderson, Martynas Dauciunas and more.

Let me know at if you want to ride this feed as well.
eXpand Twitter or Tweeterfeed Tweets everything in this list plus new eXpand releases plus new Git commits.
eXpand’s main RSS The most complete XAF info source currently available. Contains everything is XAF/eXpand related from official XAF and community sites.
Samples forum A forum dedicated to community samples/ideas. Feel free to post anything interesting there. We will review it and add it to eXpand’s code base.

In addition if you or your company are doing XAF consultancy or trainings, feel free to contact us to get you listed in our XAF consultancy page.

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