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14 October 2013

Last week I had the privilege to join many of our customers at Oliver’s XAF Training Class in Germany. I wanted to take the time and share with you what happened at the event – as it was an amazing week and highly recommend it to all XAF users. 

The location

The hotel is located high in the mountains and the above an amazing landscape…a simply beautiful location.


The agenda

Day 1:

The organizers (Oliver and John) did a great job with course content. You can see all the XAF courseware below.


Day 1 started with XPO and how it works independent of XAF. Oliver is an XPO legend so the introduction was amazing and even I learned some new stuff. Oliver then took the time to describe XAF Domain Components and other data layer related subjects.

The day continued with a number of hands on labs so everyone can learn by actually doing.

To help get relaxed after a busy day of learning, we spent some time on the golf course.


Day 2:

The day started with instruction on editing and maintaining the model as well as standard functionality available through it. Actions, controller extensions binding business logic was also on the menu.

Oliver is an experienced instructor and did great job in this topic area as well. Like day 1, hands on labs were on day 2’s agenda.


The day ended with time at the spa and a great dinner.

Day 3:

This day involved learning about the built-in modules in XAF and so Oliver spoke to us about Security, Validation, Printing, Reporting, Auditing, State Machines. We covered all simple modules with a few hours of hands on labs.

To blow off steam, John and Oliver organized an evening at the mini-car race track. Many of us gave it our best shot to win….


Unfortunately only one person can win… Smile.


Day 4

With spirits high, Oliver moved onto more advanced modules like XAF’s Scheduler, KPI, WorkFlow and of course a few hours of hands on labs. He also took the time to go further into more difficult topics such as extending and working outside the XAF framework.

The class insisted so I also did a presentation on eXpandFramework where I described how you can use all that extended functionality in our community project.

Day 4’s final event involved alcohol, so I’m not going to post any pictures  here Smile.

Day 5 

Unfortunately I had a early flight on the last day and couldn’t attend however I can share the daily agenda.

• Modularizing your own functionality

• Testing

• Deployment / Update / ALM / Security Considerations

• Q&A

Way to go to John, Oliver and DevExpress for this amazing XAF training week!

Until next time, Happy XAF’ing to all!

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