Security System Usability Improvements (Coming soon in v14.1)

With the new CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor editor, application administrators can now easily assign member-level permissions:


Technically, we have provided two PropertyEditor implementations (one for Windows and one for Web), which can display values via a checked list box control in the UI and store the resultant choice in a string property of a business object. For now, these editors are used only in the security module, but we can come with a more generic solution in the future if there is a good demand from our customers.


With the new XAF Solution Wizard, you can easily create client-server applications.  The wizard automatically creates a project for the application server and makes necessary changes in the client application’s code.


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Michael Gibson - PatTrac

I really need access to that CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor in other parts of my XAF application.

2 June, 2014
Michiel Blotwijk

I second that. A CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor would be most helpful

3 June, 2014

+1 on the CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor

3 June, 2014
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

Guys, would you please detail the most important usage scenarios of this editor for you? Just wanted to ensure that we are on the same track. Thanks in advance.

3 June, 2014
Vishwas Mokashi

another +1 on the CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor

3 June, 2014
Martin Brekhof

@Dennis, this blog describes reason and a solution:

It is exactly how I use it in, for example, listview filter screens

4 June, 2014
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Martin: Thank you for your feedback!

5 June, 2014
James Zhong

CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor is very useful! Please provide this new property editor (Win & Web) in future XAF versions!

10 June, 2014

+1 to CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor

29 June, 2014
Roberto de Fernex

+1 CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor : Martin's blog perfectly describes a typical usage scenario.

5 July, 2014
Michael Bogaerts

+1 CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor

12 September, 2014

+1 CheckedListBoxPropertyEditor

7 November, 2014
Randy Jean

+1 CheckedListBoxProperty - especially for initially selecting type permissions under Roles

29 December, 2014
Chris Royle (LOB)

Here's a 2015 +1

7 January, 2015
Krzysztof Krzysztof (LOB)

Again, +1 for the security editor. And another +1 for a generic solution please!

21 January, 2015

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