How to send push notifications to the XAF Mobile application using Azure Notifications Hub

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21 July 2017

We've created a KB article that describes how to integrate push notifications into your XAF mobile application:

To help implement our solution, we used both the phonegap-plugin-push and Azure Notification Hub tool. We've opted for the latter because it is an easy-to-use, multi-platform, scaled-out push engine that allows you to make a single cross-platform API call to send targeted and personalized push notifications to any mobile platform (Android/iOS/Windows) from any cloud or on-premises backend. Of course, you can use the native APIs offered by Google/Apple/Microsoft or any other third-party notification services instead.

Your feedback is needed!
This is not an official feature of our Mobile UI (CTP) and our API may change in future release cycles. We are publishing this article prior to the 17.2 release to collect early user feedback and improve overall functionality. We would appreciate your thoughts on this feature once you've had the opportunity to review it. Please report any issues, missing capabilities or suggestions in separate tickets in our Support Center. Thanks for your help in advance!

Test the new XAF features prior to the 17.2 release!

We would also appreciate your thoughts on these features once you've had the opportunity to review them:
    Performance improvements (Core)
    OAuth2 authentication (Web)
    Barcode scanner (Mobile)
    Background Geolocation (Mobile)

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