XAF - Background Geolocation tracking example and yet more updates on the Mobile UI development

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04 August 2017

Another development sprint is over, and I want to publish some of our results for those interested in creating mobile apps with XAF.

We have created an example that demonstrates the use of a mobile device positioning system via Cordova's Background Geolocation plugin and Cordova Device plugin


These features are helpful when you wish to automatically track the whereabouts of an XAF mobile app user and display the user's route on a map (e.g., in a separate administrative XAF Web application):

You can test this example live with XAF v17.1.5, which we released earlier this week.

We are completing our work on XAF's PhoneGap plugins support and as a result, we've updated our online documentation to describe basic concepts and include information about the APIs used in recent examples (onetwo). The updated topics include, but are not limited to the following:

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile > MobileApplication

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile > MobileWindow

DevExpress.ExpressApp.Actions > ActionBaseExtensions

Concepts > Application Life Cycle > Mobile Application Life Cycle

The next XAF version (17.1.6) will also provide a simpler way to register plugins through the new MobileApplication > AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins property instead of the general-purpose CustomizePhoneGapConfig event, but we'll focus on this and other improvements next time.

Happy XAFing and have nice weekend!

Test the new XAF features prior to the 17.2 release!

We would also appreciate your thoughts on these features once you've had the opportunity to review them:
    Performance improvements (Core)
    OAuth2 authentication (Web)
    Barcode scanner (Mobile)
    Push Notifications (Mobile)

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