Case-studies from ISDK LTD: building Point of Sales Terminal Network and CRM apps with XAF Web UI

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23 August 2017

We recently published a case study regarding two ISDK web projects built with the eXpressApp Framework: 

Please note that they opted to generate their web UI using our Classic Web UI option (learn more about the other option).

I want to thank Dmitry Kovrizhko, General Manager at ISDK LTD, for finding the time in his busy schedule to share his project with us. I first met Dmitry in person several years ago at a conference. We talked a length about his experiences with XAF and have obviously engaged one another via the DevExpress Support Center, Facebook and email since. 

If you are considering XAF for your development needs, you may want to note the following comments from Dmitry:

"With these tools, they didn't need to think about basic development and other things that take up time, such as database setup, low-level data layers, low-level UI drawings and so on. They basically used out-of-the box capabilities so they could focus on the core business needs."

"About 80% of the project's objectives and features were met using the standard XAF/XPO methodology. Using our framework, ISDK could quickly and easily add modules for Appearances, Audit, Reporting, etc. The other 20% was met using common .NET and JavaScript."

The latter point is important and something we try to emphasize with all of our customers - XAF does not pretend to be a single-point solution for everything. For over a decade, we've been focused on a true *framework,* with a solid and extendable foundation: a set of ready-to-use general best patterns and practices designed around DevExpress visual components. You can obviously use XAF "as is" or customize it to build various line-of-business applications tailored to your specific customer requirements. For more information on the XAF approach to software development, please visit the following page: eXpressApp Framework > Fundamentals > XAF Overview

Should you have an XAF project you'd like to showcase on our site OR want to share your opinions with us, please email me. Happy XAFing

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