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13 September 2017

We've added a mobile property editor to the following Support Center example: How to show a hyper link (URL, email, etc.) for a business class property. The example demonstrates how to create custom data representations (hyperlinks) for your text properties. To view implementation details, open the example's page and show MobileHyperLinkStringPropertyEditor.cs/vb in the code file selector at the bottom.

If you create and deploy a mobile XAF app using this custom editor, it will look like the following:

We have also published numerous online documentation updates for related mobile and core XAF APIs demonstrated earlier. For instance, the following topics have been updated to describe mobile versions of property editors for various data types:

String Properties   - Numeric Properties   - Date and Time Properties   - Boolean Properties   - Collection Properties   - Reference (Foreign Key, Complex Type) Properties   - File Attachment Properties   - Enumeration Properties   - Type Properties

In addition to screenshots and text descriptions, the most interesting information for developers would be links to corresponding DevExtreme widgets on which these mobile property editors are based on. This documentation is not yet finished, and we hope to provide more information on extending the standard XAF mobile UI with custom-tailored editors in the coming weeks.

Additionally, we have improved documentation that helps explain how you can register XAF property editors:

In particular, the EditorAlias-based approach is demonstrated in the aforementioned example.

As a side note,  I wanted to remind everyone that XAF 17.1.6 (released this week) provides a simpler way to register plugins through the new MobileApplication > AdditionalPhoneGapPlugins property (instead of the general-purpose CustomizePhoneGapConfig event). Also note that our most active customers are testing custom PhoneGap plugins integration based on the examples we published recently (onetwothree). For instance, here is how one customer from the Netherlands (thanks, Martin!) is testing

the background geolocation tracking plugin integration in an XAF mobile app when walking with his two dogs:

The mobile user's route on the map in a separate administrative XAF Web application

Martin's dogs

Should you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Happy XAFing!

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Steve Sharkey
Steve Sharkey

Has the downloadable documentation been updated too?

26 September 2017
Konstantin B (DevExpress)
Konstantin B (DevExpress)

Yes, you can get it from the Download Manager.

28 September 2017

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