XAF Security - Permission optimizations (Coming soon in v17.2)

XAF Team Blog
04 October 2017

We have reworked XAF’s permission processing algorithm. It is now faster and ships with improved ways to extend existing permission functionality (thus simplifying code maintenance).

Find more technical details at https://www.devexpress.com/go/XAF_Try_Security_Optimizations_v17.2_September.aspx

If you are an active v17.1 subscriber and want to test this new permission processing engine with your real world applications on a virtual machine (or another suitable test environment) prior to the official release, create a separate private ticket in the Support Center, so that we can verify your account and provide you with the v17.2 preview installation privately.

Please report any issues and suggestions in the Support Center once you've had an opportunity to try this new feature in your upgraded v17.2 project. Thanks for your help in advance!

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