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16 November 2017

New WinForms Light Style

The new Light Style form templates (LightStyleMainRibbonForm and LightStyleMainForm) with both Ribbon and Standard menus are now available for WinForms apps. This new style layout is "cleaner," as it eliminates excessive borders. The images help demonstrate the difference between our previous (left) and new layout (right):

Use the WinApplication.UseLightStyle property to enable this feature in existing apps. If you have custom Nested Frame, Lookup Control, Lookup Form, or Main Form templates,
you need to update them to make it possible to use Light Style: How to enable Light Style in custom WinForms Templates after upgrading to v17.2+. All newly created apps will use this new style by default.

We are committed to improving the WinForms UI further and you will likely see more news in this regard in the future ( specifically regarding use of SVG images instead of our current images set). 

Display Reports & Dashboards in a Maximized State within a Separate Browser Tab

ASP.NET users can now open dashboards and reports within a separate web browser tab (via UI or by direct URL) using all the available space on the page (without XAF navigation elements and toolbars).

Working with dashboards and reports in a separate web browser tab is supported in the following scenarios: 

1. A user holds the Ctrl key, clicks a report or dashboard definition record in a ListView and the corresponding viewer is opened in a new tab.

2. A user opens a dashboard or report designer in a separate tab using specialized menu commands (the DashboardsAspNetModule > DesignerDisplayMode 
and ReportsAspNetModuleV2 > ShowReportDesignerActionTarget options can be set to 'NewTab').

3. A user opens the current dashboard preview in a new browser tab using the new ShowDashboardInSeparateTab menu command.

NOTE: These scenarios only work for applications with WebApplication > EnableMultipleBrowserTabsSupport set to True.

This short video below describes how you can enable all these options:

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