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27 March 2018

I have some interesting news from a longtime XAF customer (and DevExpress MVP) Dave Hesketh. You may know Dave from his Support Center contributions and his XAF training and consulting services.

Dave has just introduced Llamachant Framework Modules at http://www.llamachant.com/single-documents/llamachant-framework-modules/.

Here is a quote from his site along with feature descriptions:

"We have worked with clients from all around the world and we discovered that many of them wanted to implement similar features in their solutions. We collected a few of the most common requests and created a reusable module that we wanted to share with everyone!"

Extended Functionality

 Audit Trail Enhancements Win & Web
 Tracked Objects Win & Web
 Singleton Business Objects Win & Web

Visual Components

 Font Size Win Only
 Collection Counts in Tabs Win & Web
 SVG Skin Palettes Win Only
 Toolbar Options Win & Web
 List View Row Processing Options Win & Web
 Delete on Non-Aggregated Collections (Link & Unlink) Win & Web
 Open Object Action Caption Win Only
 Summary Panel Options Win Only
 Smooth Splash Screen Loading Win Only

Be sure to visit http://www.llamachant.com/single-documents/llamachant-framework-modules/ for more information.

Feedback and other XAF extensions

Even though certain features from this list can be found in the DevExpress knowledge base, it is valuable to have them all in a form of a reusable XAF module. I hope that XAF community members will enjoy this functionality or at least learn from its implementation. Hopefully, Llamachant will evolve and support these extensions over the long haul...on GitHub or another suitable locations. 

I should also mention that additional XAF extensions can be obtained from https://www.devexpress.com/Products/NET/Application_Framework/xaf-community.xml. This includes the eXpand Framework - the first open source toolkit for XAF and the Xafari Framework - both free and paid modules from Galaktika Soft.

Did you find this blog post and Dave's module helpful? Or are you developing the next eXpand on GitHub:)? Please let us know!

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