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29 May 2018

In this blog post, I will briefly describe two highly requested Mobile UI features in XAF v18.1. They should help you better organize large data amounts on a mobile screen.

Extended Mobile Detail View Layout

This layout is based on the dxForm and dxAccordion widgets from our DevExtreme library. With these widgets, you can design one layout that adapts to different screen sizes. Open your application on a tablet - the layout automatically divides Detail View content into two or more columns.

Your layout has many groups? Display them as tabs or make these groups collapsible not to waste the space.

Enable this feature by setting MobileApplication.EnableExtendedDetailViewLayout to true. Learn more in the Mobile Detail View Layout article.

How to Hide/Show Navigation Control on a Tablet

Choose which tablet layout is more convenient for your clients using the MobileApplication.TabletLayoutType property.
    Split - when the navigation control always sticks to the left. 
    SlideOut - when end-users can collapse or expand the navigation control using the 'hamburger' button.

Your feedback counts

We would love your thoughts on these features and would love to learn more about customizations you've made to XAF Mobile UI. 


Before I let you go, just a quick question - are you guys using 24/7 app monitoring services such as Logify? Our support team plans on using Logify with some of our enterprise customers and we'd love to know what you guys think of 24/7 app monitoring. Check out the How to replace XAF exception handling with Logify article to learn more about the XAF integration. Please note that we are using this exact approach for our online Web and Mobile demos (available at https://www.devexpress.com/Support/Demos/#xaf).

  Yekaterina K.
  Technical writer
  XAF team

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I want to use logify, but it's using cloud and requires internet connection which is not allowed by some of users' companies. I wish there is local server soon.

29 May 2018
Alex Bli (DevExpress Support)
Alex Bli (DevExpress Support)

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

30 May 2018
SharePoint Solutions s.r.o.
SharePoint Solutions s.r.o.

Hi, having a possibility of private/on-premise Logify instance would be real advantage. Some clients simply deny internet connection or sending any data outside. For me, having two different error handling mechanisms is a hard task to maintain.

8 June 2018

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