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06 December 2018
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Updated Concepts

Task-based Topics

New and Updated API

The three properties below are set to false in our demos (Main Demo, XCRM, Feature Center) and in all new WinForms applications. Refer to our breaking change doc (BC4527) and to the following support question (T690584) for more information.

Interesting Support Center Tickets

  • We emphasized that a custom FrameTemplateFactory should be a DefaultLightStyleFrameTemplateFactory descendant if you want to use the Light Style in an existing WinForms application (T577264).
  • We fixed an issue with PNG images specified by the ImageName attribute (T690830).
  • Note that you can use images from the SVG Image Gallery only in WinForms applications (T689107).
  • We fixed an issue with incorrectly patched criteria in our DevExpress.Xpo.SecurityCriteriaBuilder code (T691730).
  • We described when the Accordion navigation control may fail to display images (T690584).
  • We fixed an issue with duplicate file names added by the AddFromFile method when you use the CustomizeOpenFileDialogFileNames event (T689164).

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