XAF - Compact Theme, Functional Tests, SVG and Keyboard Support for SPA UI (v18.2)

The goals for our last maintenance sprint were to fix known issues in the SPA demo, refactor code, stabilize the new TestCafe based functional testing system and increase test coverage. All of which help build a solid base for feature orientated sprints in the future. Here is an example of a functional test running on our farm.

ASP.NET Core backend service enhancements

In addition, we also worked on the SPA project structure and architecture providing a smoother upgrade process:
  • Moved Controllers from the YourSolutionName.Spa project to the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Spa assembly.
  • Made the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Spa assembly available through DevExpress Nuget.
  • Made Startup.cs smaller and less complex with the help of extension methods.
  • Removed the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Mobile assembly dependency.
  • Supported the standalone Model Editor tool for the YourSolutionName.Spa project.

    Client-side SPA UI enhancements

    • Highly requested compact form layout suitable for large amounts of data along with numerous layout fixes such as paddings, colors, etc.




    • Action state synchronization in Detail Views. Server-side Action settings (Enabled, Active, Caption, TargetObjectsCriteria, etc.) effect the UI immediately. For instance, the Delete Action is disabled for new objects. This generic mechanism will be applied to other UI elements in future updates.

    • SVG images from XAF WinForms apps are now fully supported. Colors and orientation are patched based on context to make them sharp. For instance, image colors are inverted in the floating menu bar for selected ListView records.

    • Keyboard navigation has been improved: use Spacebar to select/unselect a ListView row and Enter to open the DetailView on a focused row. Issues navigating back and forth using Alt+Left/Right arrows have also been addressed. DetailView shortcuts no longer require that active editors lose focus. You can also focus the FullTextSearchFilter Action using Control+/ (right slash). 

    Take it for a test drive

    If you would like to check out these updates, please install this build and download the updated SPA demo source (there are currently no online demos). If you have previously created SPA projects, you will need to recreate them using the Solution Wizard (due to the incompatible project template changes).

    To discuss our new vision, roadmap and technical requirements more effectively with the XAF community, we have created a private discussion forum - exclusively for Universal customers. Feel free to leave comments to this post, email us at xafteam@devexpress.com or submit tickets using the Support Center if you are unable to join the discussion on our forum.

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    Peter CaoZheng


    1 January, 2019
    Mohamed Al Zayani

    what is the difference between using compact layout and just zoom out in the browser?

    5 January, 2019


    one question - when you plan to release 70-80% featured SPA UI XAF? Is it something to happen this year or it's more like next year (2020) target?

    We need to plan our product line development and checking different platforms for implementation. Whether it's gonna be straight NG+WebAPI or wait for XAF.


    6 January, 2019
    Dennis (DevExpress Support)

    @Peter CaoZheng: Thank you for your interest!

    @Mohamed Al Zayani: Yes, they are similar in this case. In general, a theme provides more control over the layout and behavior, not only font and element sizes.

    @Gosha: Your question is difficult to answer because 70-80% can mean different things to different people without considering the same specific list of features and their weights. Our hope was and still is to offer this SPA UI for production use around the v19.1 timeframe (at least, for simple scenarios). We don’t expect to support all extended modules in our initial release. We will not be able to provide other predictions until that time either.

    If some functionality is critical for you, it is best to let us know your use-case scenarios, expected results and reasons on the dedicated forum (community.devexpress.com/.../111465.aspx). There you can also see features planned features for the first release.

    7 January, 2019
    Joe Romstadt 1


    Looks great, but how much does the resolution of the screen matter for these settings?

    I guess what I am asking is that in 4K screen some time is hard enough to read some sites already.

    7 January, 2019

    Hi Dennis,

    Does that mean that for  19.1 we will get the version MVP v3?



    7 January, 2019
    Dennis (DevExpress Support)

    @Isa_Tahiri: Yes, I hope so.

    9 January, 2019

    Very Good :)

    10 January, 2019
    Andrey K (DevExpress Support)

    @Joe Romstadt 1:


    We tested 4K monitors and did not find any problems. If you encounter any, please contact our Support Center. In the future, we will make it possible to automatically switch between the mobile, tablet and desktop layouts based on the screen width.



    11 January, 2019

    Features are required, but unfortunately, the update hasn't work for us (build issues). Based on marketing/ presentation/ client feedback, we've deprecated XAF development to concentrate on other technologies, at least until later in the development cycle.

    5 February, 2019

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