XAF – A Gentle Video Introduction by Llamachant

Longtime XAF customers Dave Hesketh and Adam Latimer from Llamachant (both DevExpress MVPs), have recorded a new getting started video for the XAF community.

We hope you enjoy the content. If you prefer written materials, please refer to our Getting Started tutorials instead. Llamachant does offer consulting services –be sure to check them out next time you need assistance with your XAF project.
This video was produced and is maintained by Llamachant Technology Ltd. Developer Express is not responsible for its content or its technical accuracy.
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Engº Silvio Cruz

Can you please share the snippets used ?

They increase productivity a lot :)

8 February, 2019
Andreas Fasching

I believe this is what you are looking for: www.llamachant.com/resources

8 February, 2019
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

Thanks, Andreas!

Guys, please don't miss the CodeRush templates also mentioned in the video: docs.devexpress.com/.../xpo-and-xaf-templates

9 February, 2019

You can make XAF much more popular if there would be kind of training videos with more detailed stuff or like more enhanced project. Can be some kind of paid course or smth on udemy or sold via your website. This tutorial is kinda overview of what "potentially" system can do by showing very small piece of capabilities - which is awesome (taking in mind that there are no other trainings and etc.).

Thank you Llamachant guys for great work!


9 February, 2019
Mustafa Cagri Altindal

Very nice, but we are expecting this kind of video on a lot about xaf

10 February, 2019
Mustafa Cagri Altindal

Hi, how can I find more video content on xaf.

11 February, 2019
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Gosha: Thank you for your suggestions.

@Mustafa Cagri Altindal: You can find more videos on www.youtube.com/.../search. Although some of them may be dated (e.g., different skin or other UI options), the majority of main concepts are still valid today. I also hope that this is not the last video from Llamachant.

I also recommend you check out always up-to-date tutorials and concepts in the online documentation:



Should you have any other questions on XAF, do not hesitate to contact our support team at https://www.devexpress.com/ask or xafteam@devexpress.com.

11 February, 2019

Hey Gosha, sign me up for any angular / DevExtreme course.  

11 February, 2019

Hello jdubeau, why angular / devextreme?

11 February, 2019
Dave Hesketh (Llamachant Technology)

You can download the solution files and find additional resources on our website: www.llamachant.com/.../video-building-a-crm-app-using-xaf-with-dave-adam

12 February, 2019
James S K Makumbi

I really enjoyed this video.

I can't believe it is 12 years now and I am still learning new things from xaf users.

The best takeaway I got is  new features and attributes. I am still using v15 but I will upgrade this year.

We need more co tent like this and I am willing to pay for videos so that someone can do a deep dive into different parts of xaf.

I didn't know there were new attributes or that there were some I wasn't using that could ha e saved me time.

As soon as my new laptop arrives, I am switching to vs2018/9 and upgrading my projects to v19

13 February, 2019
Jeff S.

As a newbie to XAF I have been desperate for training videos that would work if I duplicated the steps.  Despite lots of optimism and effort I kissed a lot of frogs but none of them turned into a prince; until this one- the first video I could follow along and replicate everything presented.  WOW, thank you llamachant.  While there are a few spots where the explanations are a bit disjoint or lack full explanation (like why they prefer their custom CodeRush templates instead of the default ones) but the positives outweigh the negatives by orders of magnitude.  

Consistent with most other comments, I would give {almost} anything for additional training videos/materials beyond this video and the on-line tutorials (not that there is anything wrong with them).

Thanks again, this video is water found in a desert.

13 February, 2019

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