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Community News

  1. Check out two new blog posts on unit testing from Manuel Grundner (DevExpress MVP): 
    T is for Testing: XAF & XPO - Builder Pattern 1 | T is for Testing: XAF & XPO - Test Data 2.
    These posts will be interesting for those creating complex apps with XAF.
  2. The eXpand Framework, managed by Apostolis Bekiaris, continues to release new platform-agnostic packages for XAF: http://xaf.expandframework.com/. eXpand’s new ProgressBarViewItem and HideToolBar add to the dozen plus low-dependency modules managed by Apostolis. Note: If you have not reviewed eXpand recently, you should definitely take a look at its new modules…they are smaller, include documentation, and ship Azure unit tests (Apostolis has also added usage examples, videos and troubleshooting info). Give it a try and please share your thoughts with us.

  3. A new version of XAFARI with full support for XAF v19.1.3 is available (DevExpress updates are slightly ahead of XAFARI versions). As you may know, Galaktika Soft has been providing paid reusable XAF modules with documentation and support services for more than 5 years.
  4. A new case-study about a Human Relation Management solution using XAFARI and XAF is available here. We also published XAF case studies from two other loyal XAF users last month: Case Study 1 | Case Study 2.
  5. We asked our customers about their thoughts on Blazor and received numerous comments. Since our ASP.NET team is fully committed to the Blazor platform, we are investigating how Blazor can be used with XAF. We may modify our React-based SPA UI strategy and focus our efforts on Blazor going forward (our initial impression is that Blazor better fits the long term needs of our customers). We will publish additional info as it becomes available.

 Documentation Updates

7 comment(s)
Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP]

Thanks Dennis! :)

2 July, 2019
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

FYI, the eXpand ProgressBarViewItem link in Community News item #2 is accidentally pointing to the HideToolBar documentation

2 July, 2019
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Manuel and Brendon: Thank you too!

2 July, 2019
Peter CaoZheng

XAF will be supported Blazor that's a good job

2 July, 2019
Bassam Abdelaal

The Blazor news is just great , many thanks!

3 July, 2019
Eyüp Alemdar

Integrating with Blazor is a great news.

5 July, 2019

Integrating with Blazor is a great news.

6 July, 2019

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