XAF - Role-based Access Control & User Authentication API in DevExtreme Apps with ASP.NET Web API/OData v4 (powered by XPO)

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02 August 2019

UPDATED: .NET App Security API (Role-based Access Control) is available free-of-charge (versions 21.2.x and 22.1.x).

This is part 2 of a series of posts designed to explain XAF’s security system and how it can be used in non-XAF .NET apps powered by XPO. If you are new to XAF’s security system or to this blog series, please review some of the reasons we think you should consider XAF’s security system in your next .NET application.  

Our new example consists of an ASP.NET Core Web API/OData v4 service on the server and the DevExtreme Data Grid UI on the client. The app starts with a login form and then displays a data grid with “protected” records for the logged user.

If you are interested in XAF's cross-platform Security System APIs, please answer 3 short survey questions.

Future Plans

In our next blog post, we’ll create a WinForms example with simple, form-based authentication logic (login/password). This was the most requested configuration based on our most recent survey and past blog comments. In addition to generic descriptions, our examples will also include step-by-step tutorials. Based on user feedback, we may extend the demo with full CRUD operations.
We look forward to your feedback on this sample and your thoughts on XAF’s security system. Feel free to share your usage scenarios below and we’ll be happy to extend the demo where appropriate.

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