eXpressApp Framework - Tips & Tricks (September 2019)

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07 October 2019
Like in months past, we’ve compiled a list of interesting support tickets in this month’s Tips & Tricks blog post. We’d also like to remind active Universal subscribers that v19.2 Beta 1 can be downloaded today. If time permits, please install v19.2 Beta 1 and share your feedback with us – we’d love to know what you think of our most recent build.

Interesting Support Tickets

eXpressApp Framework

eXpress Persistent Objects

Documentation Updates

.NET Core 3 and .NET Standard 2 Support

Custom Aggregates

We are working on documentation for our new feature you can try with the v19.2 Beta release: CustomAggregateCollectionCustomAggregateEvaluationContext<T> | ICustomAggregate | ICustomAggregateConvertibleToExpression | ICustomAggregateFormattable

Get more information on this feature in our What's New (v19.2 Beta) overview.

Best Practices

All examples in our documentation use nameof instead of hardcoded API names.

Community News

  • The eXpand Framework, managed by Apostolis Bekiaris, released almost 10 new free and low-dependency modules for XAF since we wrote about it in July: I want to highlight the RefreshView and GridListEditor packages: the first refreshes a View periodically based on the Application Model's option and the second contains GridListEditor extensions. All the modules are small, include documentation, and ship with Azure unit tests. Please check them out and let us know what you think.
  • A new version of XAFARI with full support for XAF v19.1.6 is available (DevExpress updates are slightly ahead of XAFARI versions). As you may know, Galaktika Soft has been providing paid reusable XAF modules with documentation and support services for more than 5 years.
  • Joche Ojeda published a YouTube video and GitHub sample that demonstrate how a custom IDataStore implementation can be used to feed a Xamarin Forms application with data from an XAF application using the same XPO data model. 

Need Faster Support Replies?

Once you create a new XAF ticket in the DevExpress Support Center and select XAF under the Platform/Product field, please review the following help links displayed above the Submit button. These links describe how you can collect callstacks, logs and other important diagnostic information for any .NET error. Once you collect/compile this information, forward it to us along with your support ticket. This information will ensure faster and more accurate replies from support.

J Horv
J Horv
Thank you, I always look forward to these blog posts!
7 October 2019
Thank you. Very helpful info.
7 October 2019
he dandan
he dandan
Will the official version of XAF19.2 integrate with Blazor?
8 October 2019
Anatol (DevExpress Support)
Anatol (DevExpress Support)
No, this release will not include the Blazor UI for XAF.
8 October 2019
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)
@he dandan:

We hope to show the first basic XAF Blazor (Server Side) demo before the end of this year for simple CRUD scenarios only - just to illustrate how it works and feels in general. Example:

For more information, please follow our team blog:
You will certainly see more updates from us in 2020.

30 October 2019

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