eXpressApp Framework - Tips & Tricks (October 2019)

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11 November 2019

Here's this month's XAF-related tips & tricks. If you have a support ticket you'd like to share with the XAF developer community, feel free to post a link in the comment section below.

Interesting Support Tickets




Recently Resolved Issues

Documentation Updates

Custom Aggregates in Criteria Language

See our new Custom Aggregate Functions article and the How to: Implement and Use Custom Aggregate Functions step-by-step tutorial.

Office Module Updates

We reworked and extended the structure of our Office Module documentation.

Non-Persistent Objects

We collected and described additional ways to display non-persistent or proxy objects in a Detail View: How to: Display a Non-Persistent Object's Detail View 

Your Feedback Matters

We appreciate your feedback and, as always, look forward to your comments.

What’s New in v20.1

To explore the scope, breadth and capabilities of our new products/features, please visit:
5 comment(s)
The 'Tips & Tricks' blog posts are valuable to our team; each month, we learn something to improve our product. Thank you.
13 November 2019
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis (DevExpress)
We are happy to hear that! Do not hesitate to suggest topics your team would love to have covered more by us.
13 November 2019
Mustafa Cagri Altindal
Mustafa Cagri Altindal
XAF I like to follow with interest and try to learn. I know I'm disturbing you at the points I'm stuck with. I see that I have more ways to learn about XAF. As a philosophy of lifelong learning, I greet you with respect.
14 November 2019

Hello XAF,

looks like below ticket is private and not accessible to public

Implement OAuth authentication and display an external login page instead of the default XAF login page (T825001)

Cheers, Bunty

2 June 2020
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis (DevExpress)
@Bunty: Sorry, I've removed this ticket link, because its author marked it as private.
3 June 2020

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