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19 November 2019

UPDATED: .NET App Security API (Role-based Access Control) is available free-of-charge (versions 21.2.x and 22.1.x).

Here is our ASP.NET Core MVC demo and step-by-step tutorial for XAF’s user authentication and group authorization API. Many of you asked us to deliver this demo – thank you for your feedback and your continued engagement.

If you’re using Xamarin, WPF or Blazor, please be patient with us – we will produce user authentication and group authorization demos for these platforms shortly.

We also hope to update our samples to .NET Core 3.0 where applicable. And finally, we do expect to refactor and simplify demo code and instructions. For instance, instead of IsGranted calls, which may accept many parameters, we will introduce CanRead, CanWrite and other shortcuts in v19.2.4. XAF WinForms and WebForms developers will benefit from these usability enhancements as well.

Need Faster Support Replies?

Once you create a new XAF ticket in the DevExpress Support Center and select XAF under the Platform/Product field, please review the following help links displayed above the Submit button. These links describe how you can collect callstacks, logs and other important diagnostic information for any .NET error. Once you collect/compile this information, forward it to us along with your support ticket. This information will ensure faster and more accurate replies from support.

Mustafa Cagri Altindal
Mustafa Cagri Altindal
Great, I have to work hard to keep up with your speed.
19 November 2019
David Desiderà
David Desiderà

More than one year ago I explained to my collaborators that in my opinion it was possible to integrate into an existing WinForms enterprise application 10 years old with XAF/XPO security layer and UI interface.

We successfully implement it! 40 man-days of job in total instead of at least 400 if I had decided to start from scratch.

You guys saved my life!!

22 November 2019
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)
You're always welcome!
25 November 2019
Norbert K.
Norbert K.
+1 for Xamarin demo
29 November 2019

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