XAF - Blazor Demo Update with New Themes, Editors and Other Enhancements

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17 February 2020

After the release of DevExpress Blazor UI Components v19.2.3, we updated our XAF Blazor demo, addressed a few issues and implemented some new capabilities. You can download the demo code hereAs always, we look forward to your comments and questions. 

  • Theme Selector with 20+ Bootstrap themes: At this stage, we’ve tested the default Office White theme (minor issues are expected for other themes).

  • Optimistic Concurrency Control: Includes the ability to merge and discard changes.
  • 'Edit' button for aggregated objects and a Clear button for nullable editors.
  • Partial data loading for root List Views (like Server Mode).
  • Page Size selector in List Views.
  • List View records now open via a single click instead of the in-place 'Open' button.
  • Previous known issues were resolved:
    1. The Filter by Text command is now case-insensitive;
    2. List View rows can be grouped by reference properties;
    3. New objects are immediately added to List Views.

What's Next?

We are presently working on the following new features:

  • Simple Form-based authentication with a login and password, role-based authorization and basic user/role management with access rights created in code (no specialized permission editors in the UI).
  • A "compact" toggle for all themes in the Theme Selector (many customers wanted more compact themes for the Web). We will also polish remaining themes for XAF layouts by v20.1.

For more information on what we have planned for XAF Blazor, please refer to the eXpressApp Framework - 2020 Roadmap.

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