eXpressApp Framework - Tips & Tricks (May 2020)

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18 May 2020
Here are XAF-related tips & tricks for this month. If you have a support ticket you'd like to share with the XAF developer community, feel free to post a link in the comment section below.

Interesting Support Tickets

New and Updated KB Articles

Documentation Updates

Asynchronous Data Loading (CTP)

GridListEditor in Client DataAccessMode and DetailView can now load data asynchronously in XPO-based apps. The UI continues responding to user actions as data is being retrieved. The following new topics describe how to enable this feature and customize it in your application:

Non-Persistent Object Enhancements

NonPersistentObjectSpace now tracks changes for non-persistent objects and supports filter and sort operations in List Views. Also, a parent NonPersistentObjectSpace reloads and disposes of its inner Object Spaces. You can find more information in this help topic and new GitHub examples:

Action Permissions (CTP)

The Security System allows users to prohibit execution of both custom and XAF system Actions in WinForms and ASP.NET applications. For more information, read our help topic or watch the following video.

Need Faster Support Replies?

Once you create a new XAF ticket in the DevExpress Support Center and select XAF under the Platform/Product field, please review the following help links displayed above the Submit button. These links describe how you can collect callstacks, logs and other important diagnostic information for any .NET error. Once you collect/compile this information, forward it to us along with your support ticket. This information will ensure faster and more accurate replies from support.

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