XAF - Release of Security System API for EF Core, Action Permissions, New Documentation, Videos, Survey (v20.1.6)

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22 July 2020

Official Release: Security System for Entity Framework Core 

We officially released Security System for EF Core 3.1 in our most recent build (v20.1.6). In addition to basic CRUD Console and WinForms examples, we added the following training videos:

These tutorials include a quick review of the Security System’s API/architecture and also describe integration steps. Remember, XAF’s Security System can be used by DevExpress and non-DevExpress customers – so please do spread the word. 

For more information on XAF’s User Authentication and Group Authorization APIs for .NET Core and .NET Framework, please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions and our landing page.


Official Release: Security Permissions for Actions 

v20.1.6 also includes the official release of Action Permissions. These permissions offer fine-grain control over execution of both custom and XAF system Actions within an app’s UI. This maintenance update also supports Action permissions for our ASP.NET Core Blazor UI. You can see it live in our online demo (Roles -> Users -> Denied Actions).

Video Overview | Documentation

Survey: Do You Want To Set Permission States Automatically? 

When a user creates new permissions for XAF's Security System role, permission states ('read', 'write'...) are empty by default. Some may find it helpful to set these states based on the role's PermissionPolicy property automatically. For example, if PermissionPolicy='DenyAllByDefault', you may want to set the newly created permissions to 'Allow'. If PermissionPolicy='AllowAllByDefault', you may want to set its state to 'Deny'.

To achieve this, we created a custom Controller that sets states for all newly generated Type and Navigation permissions:

This controller works with ASP.NET and WinForms XAF applications as well. We would appreciate your feedback on this feature.

Documentation and Usability Enhancements

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