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10 September 2020

Our MVPs, Jose Columbie of Xari.io and Joche Ojeda of BitFrameworks.com  hosted a monthly webinar on XAF, XPO and related topics (subscribe for free). Jose and Joche demoed XAF for 30 minutes, discussed performance-related best practices, XPO and EF Core ORM. They also covered numerous other topics, including UI customization, WebAssembly, unit testing, and time-savings one can achieve with XAF's security system.

As always, the chat was quite active and I answered XAF/XPO-related audience questions in real-time. I personally liked a comment from a customer who shared that in their company 2 developers worked 5 months to build a security system similar to XAF for their LOB app and with XAF they now get it for free in no time at all (time code: 1:08:05). 

If you missed this monthly event, check out this recording below. Next meetup is on Thursday, October 8th

If you’re using XAF or are considering it for an upcoming project, feel free to post general questions to the XAF community via the following chat group: https://gitter.im/XAF-Community/community. XAF MPVs, experienced XAF developers and I will share development experiences and offer our 2cents on this chat platform. If you require consulting and custom development services for XAF, XPO and other DevExpress products, feel free to reach out to our MVPs and third party consultants.

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