XAF Team (DevExpress)

XAF - Important Changes to the SPA UI Strategy: The Future is Blazor
eXpressApp Framework - 2019 Roadmap
XAF - First SPA UI Demo (v18.2)
XAF - New SPA UI for Web & Mobile (v18.2)
XAF - Enhanced Office Module, Updated Learning Materials and More (v18.1.5)
XAF - Mobile Layout Enhancements (v18.1)
XAF - New in Documentation on Mobile Application Customization (v18.1)
XAF Mobile - Preview and Test the Report Viewer in v17.2.7+
XAF Mobile: Localization and Custom Control Support (v17.2)
XAF - New example, updated documentation on property editors and yet more updates on the Mobile UI development
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