XAF Team (DevExpress)

XAF - Using XAF's Security System in a DevExtreme App (with ASP.NET Web API/OData v4 powered by XPO)
XAF - Using XAF's Security System in non-XAF .NET Apps powered by XPO
XAF Security - Permission optimizations (Coming soon in v17.2)
XAF - The New Dashboards Module & Much More (Shipping now in v16.2)
XAF - Mobile Platform (CTP) Updates (Shipping now in v16.1)
XAF - Reports and Security System Enhancements (Coming soon in v16.1)
XAF - Enhancements to Core and other modules (Coming soon in v15.2)
Security System Usability Improvements (Coming soon in v14.1)
XAF Solution Wizard for easier getting started (Coming soon in v14.1)
User friendly way to add permissions
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