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23 May 2006

We have had feedback from many of our users about the quality of XPO documentation. Obviously this is always a very subjective thing, because people have different things in mind when looking at documentation:

  • New users look for quick introductions that let them get into the technology quickly
  • Advanced users need good coverage of complicated and specialized topics
  • All users need reference materials, 100% complete and accurate of course

And then there are the different approaches people take when reading documentation:

  • Read everything from the first to the last page. These people would like us to create printable documentation, so they can read it in bed.
  • Read detailed descriptions as well as sample code, but only for topics of special interest.
  • Find topics by keywords or fulltext search, expecting to find comprehensive sample code. Textual description are evil.

I’m sure this is an incomplete list, but it gives you an idea of how complex the task of creating “good” documentation is.

Anyway, I don’t want to go on about this. The real purpose of this post is to let you know that we’re actively working on the XPO documentation, and the first results of our efforts have now been made available in our online help section in the form of four new tutorials. Click this link to go there directly.

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