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06 December 2006

I just remembered that this was something that was still waiting to be published on the XPO blog. Here’s what I announced in the newsgroup about this previously:

The attached sample implements tunneling of XPO's IDataStore interface through RemObjects SDK's "remoting" solution. I've created an interface in Service Builder that is pretty close to IDataStore, apart from the fact that it uses the Binary type to transfer the XPO specific data types. As RO SDK doesn't do any automatic serialization of data, I had to implement this myself in the methods of the XPOService and XPOServiceProxy classes. I also created the XPOServiceClassFactory, which makes the "real" data store available to the server - this is something you'd probably want to do a bit differently in a real world application.

Have a look if you're interested, it's really easy - the biggest part of the code I had to write myself is the repetitive serialization stuff.

I’d like to add two things:

  1. If you don’t know what that “tunnelling IDataStore” thing is all about, please read this post here, and maybe a few others from the XPO section of these blogs.
  2. Miha came up with a nice helper class to simplify the repetitive serialization implementation that I mentioned in my post. A very nice optimization. He’s got his own blog post about it here.

And finally, the download of the sample itself can be found here.

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