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22 March 2007

Here it is, another updated version of the XPO plugin. For some news that still apply to this update, please see my recent post. If you have no idea what this XPO plugin thing is about, you might also find this description of the "Simplified Criteria Syntax" feature useful.

Here's the download for the newest version: (19764 bytes)

Note: please make sure that this is the only version of the plugin you are using! I’ve seen a case in the past where there was more than one version of the plugin installed (several copies of the assembly in the plugin folder, with different names), and of course this results in some weird problems…


Here are the fixes in this version:

  • Fixed CB36365 - generic base classes are now handled correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where the base class of the FieldsClass wasn't changed correctly after the base class of the persistent class had been changed.
  • Implemented CS30989, in part. The important thing is that classes which derive from persistent classes will now get the strucures created even if they have the NonPersistent attribute applied, unless they are sealed.
  • The DefaultMembersPersistenceAttribute is now handled correctly.
  • The namespace DevExpress.Xpo.Helpers is now included in the file, in case the FieldsBaseClass is used as a FieldsClass ancestor.

Outstanding issues

  • CB8627 – this bug is about the problem of incomplete structures. As I have previously reported in the issue comments, this is a problem without an easy solution at the current time, as the DXCore parser isn’t able to deliver the information I need. I have tried some workarounds, but without success so far – a complete solution of the issue may only come along with the introduction of a new parser in DXCore.


Apart from the big known issue documented in CB8627, stability is pretty good as far as I know. Please let me know, preferably by way of the support center, of any issues you find.

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