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19 April 2007

Here's the newest version - bug fixes, no new functionality. If you're not familiar with the purpose of the XPO plugin, please read this description of the "Simplified Criteria Syntax" feature.

This is the download for version (20035 bytes)

Here's what's been changed for this version:

  • Fixed two issues that came up when the immediate base class of a persistent class didn't have a FieldsClass, but another ancestor did. The issues were (a) that the FieldsClass in the persistent class would be removed and recreated with each change and (b) that the base class chosen for the FieldsClass was not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where the _fields field and the Fields property would apparently duplicate on each change.
  • Fixed an issue where FieldsClass properties were created for persistent class properties of non-persistent class types.

The issue of CB8627 is still outstanding, as described previously. As usual, if you have any other problems with the plugin, please let us know!

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