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10 May 2007

Here's the newest version - bug fixes, no new functionality. If you're not familiar with the purpose of the XPO plugin, please read this description of the "Simplified Criteria Syntax" feature.

This is the download for version (20432 bytes)

Version is compiled against DXCore 2.2.2, so it won't work with older versions. Here are the fixes:

  • Fixed CB44938 - wrong format of FieldsClass when deriving from generic class.
  • Fixed a problem where a property of the FieldsClass would get an invalid type if the corresponding property in the persistent class had a type that was a generic type parameter.
  • Fixed a bug where painting exceptions would be thrown while working in generic persistent classes.
  • Fixed CB46287 - XPCollection<T> as return type of properties breaks property generation in FieldsClass
  • Fixed CB46287 - Another problem with XPCollection as a property type
  • Fixed CB47358 - Persistent classes as property types lead to incomplete generation.

The issue of CB8627 is still outstanding, as described previously. As usual, if you have any other problems with the plugin, please let us know!

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Nordin Rahman
Nordin Rahman

I noticed that any persistent property that has datatype other than primitive .NET type is  ignored. I have property with datatype of a sub-class of XPObject/XPOBaseObject, but the property is not being generated in the Fields inner class. Having this kind of property is essential when it comes to relationship and aggregation. Is this a desired behaviour (ie. not being generated in the inner field class)?


16 May 2007

CB8627 is preventing me to use this plugin ... (I have pratically lost a very large class file becouse the plugin write code random inside my functions and I don't want to repeate the experience).

Waiting for CB8627 to be fixed, can we have a version of the plugin that can be activated manually (via menù or keyboard shortcut) ?

Thanks in advance.

18 May 2007

The plugin, in the following condition, continues to not generate properties for Associations fields.

I have two classes associated both deriving from a base class that in turn derive from a DevExpress.Persistent.BaseImpl.BaseObject (I am using express framework).

Thank you.

26 June 2007

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