Four new Knowledge Base articles on eXpress Persistent Objects

18 March 2008

During the last few weeks I've had some time to kill so I decided to fill up our Knowledge Base with new material on eXpress Persistent Object (XPO). For me, this product can be thought of like an iceberg: At its surface, one sees only a small portion of what's hiding underneath. With XPO, you need to know very little about the product to create your first application. But by digging a bit deeper you'll uncover many new aspects of the product and hopefully appreciate its strengths and power, and feel even more confident to place it as the foundation of your data-aware applications.

So, enough with the are a few articles to help you dig deeper into XPO in many unique ways:

How to use XPO in an ASP.NET (Web) application

Getting started with XPO development for Compact devices

How to create a criterion, which returns an intersection of two many-to-many sets

How to implement self-referenced persistent objects, and to display these objects within the XtraTreeList

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hey Nick,

Good articles, especially the top two articles. I didn't even know XPO could be used with compact devices.


18 March, 2008

Great ... please more !

18 March, 2008
Nate Laff

Nice! Thanks!

Now, do the same rules apply with a WCF service as a ASP.NET application? About the ThreadSafeDataLayer? I would love to start seeing some solid WCF examples.

19 March, 2008
Jim Clay

THANK YOU...I agree with Luca....MORE PLEASE!

19 March, 2008
Richard Bennett

I have to agree with 'nathan laff', in that I'd like to see more on WCF and what DevExpress feels is the "best practices" in these scenarios.

I've been developing with WCF for about 8-9 months now, and would appreciate a solid idea of how we are to handle the use of WCF and eXpress Persistence Objects where we can build reliable solutions.

9 April, 2008

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