XPO Publication Service update for 8.1.4

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31 May 2008

There are no changes in this version -- surprising as it may be, nobody ever reported a single bug in this tool. I expect that is because nobody is using it :-) Oh well.

If you don't have a clue what this is about, see these previous posts for details:

I updated the tool for XPO 8.1.4 and everything still seems to be working just like it did. Nice. Here are the downloads:

XPOPublicationService- (36849 bytes)

XPOPublicationService- (40113 bytes)

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31 May 2008

You are wrong... :-)

I use it and it is very important in my scenario.

It will allow me to connect my application to an oracle database that is not accessible (in a different subnet) from the clients...

Having using it I also have 2 (or 3) request to made from my experience... can I explain it to support center (not done before because I think this is an unsupported xpo libs) ?

31 May 2008
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Hi Luca,

Thanks for using it :-)

Yeah, you can add your ideas or bug reports to support center, the issues will then be assigned to me by our support team. You are right in that this is "officially" an unsupported tool, but I'll do what I can to fix issues or accommodate requests -- and of course the support center allows us to track interest and see whether we should consider promoting the publication service to an official product or part of XPO.



31 May 2008
Dan Arnold
Dan Arnold


I am using your publication service in a distributed smart client application. I have it running in a windows service, using the binary formatter over http.

I would like to see a blog with your ideas about how to deal with possible intermittent network (internet) connectivity issues, with regards to your publishing service.

In other words, do you have any ideas how to handle a failed call, and possibly a recovery scheme without loosing all the users edits?

Great work, thanks.

1 June 2008

I was involved in some debugging action this morning, regarding my XPO Publication Service . Please read

14 August 2008


Thanks Oliver for the XPO Publication Service.  I've did some testing with it and it works fine.  Also I've succesfully tested the XPO via WCF sample.  Is there anyone who already made a test to service XPO into a WCF service hosted in IIS (using the VS2008 WCF Serive template)?  If yes, can the sample made available to the public?

Thanks in advance,


12 November 2008
Jose Ojeda

Hi Oliver

Why dont you post a screencast of how the XPO Publication Service works. you'll see that after that you will get a lot of feedback of the users


27 March 2009

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