Webinar: Profiling a XAF application with XPO Profiler

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18 August 2011

XPO Profiler, although still in beta can be a great tool when there are performance problems. Today we are going to do an extensive discussion on it. Moreover we are going to see how to deal with the following scenario;

Our Customer has a XAF application in production using an Access database. He complained that there is a delay when navigating through his customers at detail view. However we cannot reproduce the delay in our environment. Probably because we do not have access to his data.

Note: If we had access to his data, things may have been easier for us. We could then use the Remote profiling mode. However I am sure we can find the solution to this problem in local mode as well.

Come and join us!

You can watch the webinar here

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Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs

Access database in production?


Must like the risk of committing suicide ;-)

18 August 2011

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