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05 July 2018

Want to expose your eXpress Persistent Objects™ (XPO) data model for CRUD operations through a lightweight JSON web service?

Our new Code Example implements a fully-functional OData V4 service with XPO and Web API. This solution relies on the Microsoft.AspNet.OData library, and is an alternative to our WCF-based XPO Data Service.  For the .NET Core-based example, refer to How to Implement OData v4 Service with XPO (.NET Core).

Why is an OData Service ever needed?

Interoperability: As you may already know, XPO is a powerful ORM library for .NET. It provides a unified way to manage data for multiple database engines (14 supported databases). Even if your app is not for targeting the .NET Framework, it is still possible to take advantage of XPO's features. That is because clients for popular platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, Web, etc. can consume OData services. For more information on OData benefits, visit http://www.odata.org/

Why drop the previous XPO Data Service (OData V3)?

  • Functionality: OData V4 supports more features than OData V3: What’s New in OData Version 4.0.
  • Maintenance: According to Microsoft documentation, all REST feature enchancements will be made for ASP.NET Web API.
  • Flexibility: Web API Controllers are extension points, wherein you can add custom logic to manage/validate objects or customize a LINQ query.
  • Compatibility: Since the OASIC committee accepted OData V4, it has become a worldwide standard. Many developers use OData V4 and your service will be compatible with their applications.

Like it?

We created this example based on requests received from users. We hope to refine it with community feedback. For instance, this boilerplate code can be automated using the wizard. Drop us a line below once you've had an opportunity to test this feature, thanks.

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