XPO - Updated Performance Benchmarks for .NET Core 3.0 (v19.2)

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30 October 2019

The release of .NET Core 3 and XPO v19.2.3 gave us the opportunity to update benchmarks for XPO and Entity Framework. If you’re interested in learning more and executing the tests yourself, please point your browser to the following repository:


Here’s a quick summary of our findings and things you ought to consider when comparing performance of XPO and Entity Framework:

  • On large data sets, XPO performs much better than other ORMs (in nearly all instances).
  • On small data sets, XPO performs better in some tests (minor differences). 
  • In all tests, XPO shows a linear relationship between execution time and record count. EF6 and EF Core show non-linear relationship worse than O(n).
  • In certain situations, good-old EF6 out performs EF Core 3.0 (especially when working with large amounts of data).
  • XPO has potential for optimizations in object instantiation and high-latency network scenarios (EF Core is better in such cases). XPO is better optimized for connections with low latency or those with good bandwidth (for instance, a local server).

 Sample of Our Results – InsertOne Method 

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we welcome your feedback. If you had the opportunity to execute our benchmark tests, please share your thoughts below.

We’d love to know whether our findings are in-line with yours.

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harvinder singh 4
harvinder singh 4
Can you please add XPO 18.2.x Performance Column/Data
1 November 2019
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis (DevExpress)
We do not want to complicate this table even more. You can see results for older XPO versions if you check previous commits, for instance: https://github.com/DevExpress/XPO/tree/a1456af55554ce2c1f1bf450ab276c79ab3edd5d/Benchmarks. We also provide the full source code so that you could test any other configuration locally.

1 November 2019

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