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JavaScript Charts - BarGauge & Funnel: Improved Label Positioning (v19.1)
JavaScript Charts & Gauges - Legend Customization, Label Word-Wrap, and Other Enhancements (v19.1)
DevExtreme - Charts - Annotations (v19.1)
DevExtreme Charts - Real-Time Data Updates (v18.2)
DevExtreme Reactive 2019 Roadmap – Your Vote Counts
DevExtreme 2019 Roadmap – Analytics and Data Visualization Widgets – Your Vote Counts
DevExtreme Charts - Improved Zooming and Scrolling (v18.2)
DevExtreme React Chart - Color Palettes and Pie Chart Legends (v1.8.0)
DevExtreme Reactive - A Feature Update (v1.7)
DevExtreme React Chart (CTP)
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