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Important Changes to NuGet Packages and the Unified Component / .NET Core Desktop Product Installers (v21.1)
Important Changes to the DevExpress.Data and Other Assemblies for .NET Core 3, .NET Standard, .NET Framework Apps (v20.1)
XPO - How to Share Class Libraries with the DevExpress Data or XPO Dependencies for Different Target Frameworks
XPO - .NET Core 3.0 Desktop SDK Support for WinForms and WPF Apps
XAF - Nuget packages (v18.2)
ASP.NET Core Reporting - CLI Templates
XPO - Miscellaneous Updates (v18.1)
Now available - The DevExpress NuGet Package Portal:!
DevExpress NuGet - Preview Release - Get your key
DevExpress NuGet Packages - Now Available
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